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AHRB Centre for Asian and African Literatures
The Centre\'s mission was to draw Asian, African and other non-Western literatures into the mainstream of literary and cultural studies in the UK. The website exists as an archive to the centre\'s past activities.

South Asian Dance company.

Anne Frank Trust
The Trust is inspired by the life and diary of Anne Frank and aims to educate and motivate young people to reject prejudice and injustice.

Ben Uri Gallery, the London Jewish Museum of Art
Ben Uri has a unique and important permanent collection of over 200 British and European Jewish artists reflecting close to 1000 works of art across all mediums.

BlackAmber Books
BlackAmber Books is the home for fresh talent and unpublished second- and third-generation British and European writers. BlackAmber Books publishes contemporary and historical novels, teenage fiction, anthologies; foreign literature in translation and biographies by writers from a broader, richer world.

British Museum
Offers a wide range of learning experiences for all ages in a variety of subject areas.

Brunei Gallery/SOAS
The Brunei Gallery is dedicated to showing work of and from Asia and Africa, of both a historical and contemporary nature

Cloth of Gold
Cloth of Gold is an arts based organisation that runs collaborative arts projects exploring traditional and new creative technologies.

Community of Congolese Students in the UK
Services for Congolese students, offering advice and information on education.

Faustin Charles
Storyteller, author, poet, performer. Anansi and other stories from the Caribbean and beyond.

Institute of Race Relations
Independent race and refugee news network.

Jewish Museum
On two different sites, the combined museum represents an important educational and cultural resource.

Resources include videos, teacher packs, activity sheets, INSET courses, RE and History programmes, Holocaust education programmes and resources.

LCL International Ltd
Languages bookshop specialising in EFL, ESOL and Foreign Language books.

London: Diaspora Capital
London: Diaspora Capital is an exciting resource that has been developed by Cultural Co-operation. It aims to provide greater visibility and opportunity for London-based artists of diverse national and faith backgrounds.

October Gallery
Exhibits contemporary art from non-Western cultures.

Place, The
Dance company.

Sterns Music
Sells music, videos and books relating to African, Latin American and World music.

Talking Library for the Indian Blind
The Talking Library for the Indian Blind has a library of Talking Books in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. These may be borrowed by blind and partially sighted people and elderly people who have difficulty in reading.

Three Faiths Forum
To encourage friendship, goodwill and understanding amongst people of the three monotheistic faiths in the UK and elsewhere. The Forum organises various lectures and events.


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