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IMECE (Turkish Speaking Women's Group)
Provides advice and information to Turkish speaking women of all ages on welfare rights, housing, domestic violence, mental health, immigration and other legal matters.

Islington African Project
Community centre providing services for local community.

Advice and support on education and issues affecting refugees, asylum seekers and the wider community.

Islington Museum
Local history museum.

Islington Zairean Refugees Group (IZRG)
Advice, information and advocacy for Congolese and other French speaking refugees and asylum seekers.

Offers ESOL and IT courses.

Kurdish Information and Advocacy Centre
Advocacy and assistance for the Sorani speaking Kurdish community, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Provides advice for training and education.

London Asian, African and Caribbean Centre
Community Centre for people from the Asian, African and African Caribbean communities, providing a wide range of activities.

Neti-Neti Theatre Company
Aim to advance education through the promotion of the arts with particular reference to the dramatic arts and without distinction of race, sex, disability or other opinion.

Union of Muslim Families
Advice, information, family support, hospital and home visiting service for the Muslim communities.


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