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100 Black Men of London
The 100 Black Men of London is an organisation focused on the creation of positive communities in which young Black people are motivated to achieve and become self-sufficient adults.

Eritrean Education & Publication Trust
Services for Eritreans and other people from the Horn of Africa.

Every Generation
Black history and heritage.

Goshen Language Centre
Teaching of community languages.

London Bubble Theatre Company
Theatre performances, school workshops.

MotherShip Edutainment
MotherShip is a community performance network of professional facilitators, trainers and artists. We run music, self-development, administration, health and cultural awareness courses. We also put on performance events.

Multi-Lingual Community Rights Shop
Provides a wide range of services to black and ethnic minority communities.

Multicultural Education and Youth Project
Provides opportunities to examine areas of multicultural education through arts, drama, music, English, Maths.

Promoting Our Heritage
The aim of the website and business is to promote the Jamaican Heritage and way of life as a positive one, by increasing access to spoken and written material about Jamaica and Jamaicans. We sell books, music, DVDs, videos, travel guides and maps.

Save the Children
Issues around asylum seeking.

Set Fashion Free
Set Fashion Free is a voluntary youth organisation using West African textiles and fashion as a way of exploring culture, heritage and identity.

SOMA Books
Books and crafts from India, Africa, Caribbean, America.

Southwark Playhouse
Storytelling; workshops; arts and drama projects.

Speak of me as I am: The Black Presence in Southwark Since 1600
A book attempting to stimulate debate about the nature of Black settlement in Britain.

Tamasha Theatre Company
Writes and stages stories drawn from Asian communities in both Britain and the Indian subcontinent.

Vietnamese Books
Vietnamese language books.


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