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Badger Publishing
Badger Publishing has been selling quality books to schools since 1989.

Bangla Stories
The Bangla Stories website is the result of a three year LSE/Cambridge oral history research project exploring the history and experience of Bengali migrants. It also includes a teaching resource pack based on this material with KS3 lesson plans.

Bangladeshi Children in our Schools: A guide for teachers
This guide is not only useful for new arrivals from Bangladesh but also for those pupils who have been born in Britain and have not been to Bangladesh.

Barnardo's New Families (NE) Project
The organisation has an established \'Black Emphasis\' project throughout the North East region. This includes recruitment, training and support for prospective adoptive/foster families.

Barnet Multicultural Study Centre
Classroom and professional development support; library and journal collection. Good source of advice and support.

BAWSO Women's Aid
Advice, support and refuge accommodation for black and minority ethnic women who encounter domestic violence and their children.

Bay Foreign Language Books
Bookshop with language learning material for over 600 languages.

BBC - Africa On Your Street
This is the place to find out about the African music scene in the UK. Our hosts will offer you tips on gigs, clips of their favourite CDs, news and gossip from the studio and the dance floor.

BBC 1xtra
Digital and online new black music radio station from the BBC.

BBC Abolition website
BBC website on the slave trade, abolition and present-day slavery.

BBC Country Profiles
An instant guide to the history, politics and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key institutions.

BBC Legacies Website
The Legacies website searches through our past and tells stories so you can discover our history.

BBC Schools - Religious Festivals
BBC website giving information on the festivals celebrated by a number of faiths.

BBC Voices
The Voices project aims to present a snapshot of the many ways we speak across the British Isles in the early 21st century. At its heart is a ground-breaking recording of 1,000 voices across the British Isles.

BBC World Service - The Story of Africa
The history of the continent from an African perspective.

BBC: Video Nation
Videos of the everyday lives of people in England and an opportunity to share views and experiences with the whole community.

Beauty Matters
Site exploring the concept of beauty including a section on culture.

A Learning Gateway for students, teachers, leaders and researchers in education.

You may find resources about different community languages on this website, in a range of educational settings, advice sheets, sites for software, fonts and translation engines.

Beeraahaar Sweet Combination
Beeraahaar is engaged in carnival art and crafts, the main objective being to promote carnival arts through community activity, and to provide young people with a history of their culture and heritage. At present we only run workshops for children during school holidays.


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