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Fairgame Theatre
Theatre production company providing a specific drama piece together with discussion materials for schools.

Faith to Faith
Faith to Faith is a pioneering photography project involving Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh teenagers from five London faith schools.

Faiths Calendar 2010
This calendar of the major religious festivals in 2010 has been produced by the East of England Faiths Council based on information from representatives of the nine faiths currently in membership.

Family History on the Move
This book describes movements into, within, and out of the UK from the sixteenth century to the present day, and shows readers which records to consult to track down their mobile ancestors.

Faustin Charles
Storyteller, author, poet, performer. Anansi and other stories from the Caribbean and beyond.

Fèisean nan Gàidheal - National Association of Gaelic Arts Youth Tuition Festivals
Fèisean have existed in Scotland since 1981, when a group of people on the Isle of Barra organised a tuition festival aimed at reversing the decline of traditional Gaelic music, song and dance arts.

Fenham Library
The library has for loan: books in Hindi and Urdu, Asian CDs, health videos in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, newspapers/magazines in Urdu, newspapers and magazines of interest to Asian readers in English and information leaflets in Asian languages.

Festival Shop
Provides access to multifaith calendars, books, posters and other resources in the area of multifaith and multicultural activity together with a look at world citizenship. .

Film Education
Film Education has been developing the range of its publications and services to respond to the growing importance of Media Education in the National Curriculum and to meet the increasing demand for current educational material on film and film making.

Fiona Collins
A storyteller working with traditional tales from around the world, with a special interest in the stories of strong girls and women.

First Asians in Britain
Drawing on recently declassified government documents, Rozina Visram examines the nature of Asian migration; official attitudes; the reactions and perceptions of the British people; and the social, cultural and political lives of the Asians themselves.

First Black Britons
A film telling the story of how, between 1795 and 1927, the West India Regiment shaped British attitudes to race and citizenship.

First Step
First Step is a multi-racial project providing informal learning opportunities for women only through volunteering.

Focus on Ethnicity and Religion - 2006 edition
Downloadable pdf from the Office for National Statistics.

Food Stories
The British Library\'s interactive site aimed at KS4 Citizenship and Geography students.

Football Against Racism in Europe
We want to see the 'beautiful game' played without the cancer of racism. Football is the biggest sport in the world and belongs to us all. It should be the right of every person to play, watch and discuss freely, without fear.

Football Unites, Racism Divides
Resource centre and website with information on race and racism in sport.

Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development
Provides information and advice, counselling, training for professionals and education of the communities where female mutilation is endemic.

France Ellul
Specialises in performances with Celtic harp accompaniment, Kora (African harp) and Native American flute.

Free Courses at Morley College
The college provides free courses for people living in Lambeth.


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