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Work from worldwide artists; artist-led workshops in schools; educational and outreach programme

Getting through? New Approaches To Tackling Youth Racism
Campaign Against Racism and Fascism online publication on initiatives to tackle hard-core racism.

GLADE - Development Education Centre
Global and Development Education Centre - resources, training, North-South partnerships, sustainable development programmes

Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance
The organisation works in areas including education, social care, youth issues and involvement as well as training and research.

Global and Anti-Racist Perspectives within the Primary Curriculum
This extensive resource, developed by teachers in Nottingham, is a must for any primary school. The folder shows in great detail how a global perspective can be included within every subject of the primary curriculum.

Global Dimension
A unique website for teachers. A helpful guide to books, videos, posters and websites which bring a global dimension to teaching. From climate change to poverty, water to fair trade, you can find resources for all age groups and subject areas.

Global Eye
A website for schools to promote the understanding of development issues.

Global Footprints
The original Global Footprints project provided primary schools with ideas and activities which aimed to empower all participants, but particularly the young, to take steps towards a sustainable future.

Global Gateway
The one-stop shop for international partnerships, where you can find schools from all over the world that are ready to start working with you. is full of stories and web clips of children\'s lives all over the world. The site also offers lots of homework help, and educational and entertaining games.

GLOBE Programme
A practical environmental education project linking students and scientists in 107 countries.

Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (GARAS)
Provides a range of services, including advice and information on education.

Go Bananas! A photopack for ages 5-11 about the journey of a banana from the Caribbean to the UK
How often do we give a thought to where bananas come from and how they arrive in our shops just ready to eat? Children may find a book about bananas interesting, but bananas also imply some difficult trading issues.

Going and Coming
Website that preservies migration stories and supports pupils and teachers in many curriculum areas.

Going for Gold - Helping to raise the aspirations of young people of African Caribbean descent
This resource is part of a series of OCN Level 1 & 2 accredited courses produced by Starlight Enterprise Ltd, aimed at improving the life chances of young people, building tolerance and understanding.

Gordon Boswell Romany Museum
The largest public display of Romany Vardos and Romany history in the world.

Goshen Language Centre
Teaching of community languages.

Grampian Racial Equality Council
GREC is committed to working for the victims of racial harassment by providing counselling to them. A resource library is also available.

Grant & Cutler
Grant & Cutler is the largest foreign-language bookshop in the UK.

Great Hindu Pioneers of Science
Hindu Council UK web page with information on Hindu scientists.


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