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Kali Theatre
Kali encourages, develops and presents new theatre writing by Asian women.

Kate Corkery
Storyteller and musician. Tells tales from around the world, particularly strong on Irish/Celtic stories.

Kathak is an important classical dance form of India, and an increasingly popular theatre art form of the world. Kathak classes at Federation of Patidar Samaj.

Kazzum Theatre Company
Kazzum creates playful theatre and participative arts activities for young people, using art forms that reflect international influences.

Keep on Moving
Keep on Moving is a CD-ROM featuring nine professionals from differing ethnic backgrounds to enable young people to understand the 'secrets to success'.

Keep the Faith
A magazine published on a monthly basis reaching the heart of the BME community, on a local, regional and national level, through UK churches and community centres.

Kent Refugee Support Group
Advice and information on a range of issues, including education.

Kevin Graal: Talking Tales
Kevin Graal is an experienced storyteller and educator with an extensive repertoire of traditional stories, riddles, songs and games from around the world.

Kick It Out
Kick It Out is football\'s equality and inclusion campaign.

Kids Like Me
Multicultural books, toys and educational resources for children aged 0-12.

Kids on the Net
Kids on the Net was one of the first websites on the internet to invite children to submit their writing. Now there are thousands of Kids on the Net writers.

Kim Barrall Design
Traditional African artefacts, musical instruments and fabrics.

Kirklees Learning
The site contains ideas and ways in which teachers can make each subject area of the National Curriculum more culturally inclusive. Chinese history will soon be added to the site.

Knock on Wood
Global music supplies - England's world music specialist since 1980.

Kobi Nazrul Centre
The Kobi Nazrul Centre for cultural excellence promotes Bengali culture with a programme of arts, crafts, music, drama, dance, exhibitions and seminars.

KULOC Chinese Community Association
The Association organises social and educational activities and events throughout the year.

Kurdish Advice Centre
Information for Kurdish and Turkish people on education. Other services include classes in ESOL and mother tongue, music, dance, parenting skills.

Kurdish Information and Advocacy Centre
Advocacy and assistance for the Sorani speaking Kurdish community, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Provides advice for training and education.

Kush Films/Kush Promotions
Short and feature-length films are shown every month especially for the British African community.


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