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Oasis Women's Group
Keep Fit class every Saturday from 2.00pm and Tuesday from 11.00am in Summer. Monthly outing for women and their children. Craft activities: knitting, sewing crochet and painting.

Oceans of the Heart CD
A CD containing music played by musicians of different ethnicities.

Octagon Theatre
The Octagon is an award-winning theatre with a flexible auditorium seating up to 400 people.

October Gallery
Exhibits contemporary art from non-Western cultures.

Offscreen: Expedition '08
This website follows the journey of eight young artists from Lebanon, UAE, Oman and Bahrain as they travel across the UK, in search of a unique portrait of British life.

Olaudah Equiano (Gustavus Vassa)
Information on Olaudah Equiano the kidnapped slave who earned his freedom, ending up in London and became involved in the movement to abolish the slave trade.

Olaudah Equiano: Son of Africa
A biography of Olaudah Equiano for young readers.

Oldham Coliseum
Located in the heart of Oldham, the Coliseum Theatre has both an intimate 585-seat auditorium and a smaller studio space for more contemporary plays.

One Hand Cant Clap
Provision of proverbs in a deck of cards format entitled Things Mama used to say which are also used in the organisation's personal development programmes for young people.

One Million Days in China
One Million Days in China is Glasgow Museums' first major Chinese exhibition.

One Scotland. Many Cultures
This website provides online resources targeting young people between 12 and 26 years old, urging them to help tackle racism by giving them a picture of how diverse a place Scotland is.

Oona Alexander
Performance artist and storyteller specialising in stories from different cultures, storytelling, storymaking and drama with families.

Open-Sez-Me Books
Books that contain information and ideas about many cultures.

Operaction Hackney: Learning Through the Arts
Operaction Hackney: Learning Through the Arts is Hackney Music Development Trustís core Adult Learning initiative providing a fun way to learn through the arts.

A joint project run by Channel 4 and Culture Online (part of the Government department for Culture, Media and Sport). Origination:Insite is all about challenging stereotypes and encouraging members of different communities to tell their stories online.

Osun Arts Foundation (OAF)
The Osun Arts Foundation is a non-profit-making organisation based in Liverpool, founded in 1992, with the aim of focusing on neglected African traditional arts and culture. The Foundation also aims to highlight more contemporary works by young unknown artists - especially women - who have few opportunities to exhibit to wider audiences.

Our World, Our Rights
Teaching about rights and responsibilities in the primary school.

Oxfam Cool Planet
Cool Planet is a website intended to assist teachers in bringing a more global dimension to the classroom.

Oxford House
A multi-purpose community centre that is home to a large number of voluntary organisations and community groups.


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