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Tadpole Trailer
A tale of a Traveller boy and what happens when he brings some tadpoles into the trailer. The images and the setting will be familiar to Traveller children and are a good starting point for including and celebrating Traveller culture in the classroom.

Taking Liberties: The struggle for Britain's freedoms and rights
Website to accompany the British Library\'s exhibition on the 900-year struggle for Britain\'s freedoms and rights.

Talking about Terrorism: Promoting Peace
Young people are likely to be asking about the London bombings. At the CCHRE staff and students have put together an annotated list of websites to provide teachers with information, ideas and teaching resources.

Talking Library for the Indian Blind
The Talking Library for the Indian Blind has a library of Talking Books in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. These may be borrowed by blind and partially sighted people and elderly people who have difficulty in reading.

Talking Race
A website for student teachers about race and ethnicity, part of the Multiverse Project.

Tamarind Books
Multicultural children's books for a multicultural world.

We believe all children should be valued for who they are. They should live in an environment which respects their own identity, culture and heritage and they should meet people like themselves in the books they read.

Tamasha Theatre Company
Writes and stages stories drawn from Asian communities in both Britain and the Indian subcontinent.

Tamil Relief Centre
Support in the resettlement of Tamil refugees and asylum seekers and other immigrant and unemployed people in the borough.

Teacher Network
Guardian website. Thousands of free ready-made teaching resources for ages 4 to 18.

TeacherWorld supports the career and professional development of all teachers and intending teachers - with a particular focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within education.

Teaching Controversial Issues
Oxfam Cool Planet for Teachers Global Citizenship Guide to teaching controversial issues full of strategies and activities to help teachers tackle controversial issues in the classroom.

Teaching Emotive and Controversial History 3-19
A report from The Historical Association on the challenges and opportunities for teaching emotive and controversial history 3-19.

Teaching Ideas
'Teaching Ideas' is for teachers who teach primary-age children (i.e. ages 5 to 11).

Teaching Tools
These resources contain accounts of refugee children, articles, statistics and some pictures that provide an insight into the range of experiences and issues involved.

The information, advice and support needs of black and minority ethnic families: what parents say
The report was written after intensive consultation with parents from a cross section of communities about their concerns, fears and needs.

The Road to Partition 1939-47
National Archives resource allowing exploration of the period through original documents, archive recordings and British Pathe footage.

The Romani DVD
This interactive DVD takes you on a fun journey through the fascinating history, varieties and present-day status of the Romani language.

The Snake King of the Kalinago
In The Snake King of Kalinago, published by Papillote Press, local primary school children from Dominica re-tell a centuries-old Kalinago myth in their own words.

The wealth of Africa
British Museum\'s downloadable resource to support the teaching of the history of Africa and the history of the British Empire.

The Well - Asian Information and Advice Centre
Provides advice and information for local Asian communities, asylum seekers and refugees on welfare benefits, education and training, employment etc.


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