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100 Black Men of London
The 100 Black Men of London is an organisation focused on the creation of positive communities in which young Black people are motivated to achieve and become self-sufficient adults.

198 Gallery
The 198 Gallery was established after the Brixton Riots to support the work of Black artists by meeting their needs for an exhibition space.

It is now a venue for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and the gallery has gained a profile for innovative issue-based exhibitions and critically acclaimed work in the field of multicultural art and education.

Aamasade Shepnekhi
Stories With Song & Rhyme allows children of all ages to participate in the storytelling process.

Afghan Academy
Advice and information for the Afghan community. Subjects covered include benefits, care, disability, education and training, health, mental health, racial harassment.

Afghan Association of London
Advice, information and support for the Afghan community, particularly refugees, asylum seekers and older people.

Sells a wide variety of African gifts

Africa Centre
The Africa Centre aims to promote positive awareness of Africa, to help to empower the African Diaspora in the UK, and to support Africa's development aspirations.

African Child
Range of services for refugee children, young people and families.
Sexual health promotion for young people aged 13-19 in Brent and Harrow.

African Community Welfare Association
Advice for African refugees on education.

African Connection
African fabrics.

Afrocare Umbrella
Services for the African communities including education, social and cultural and youth activities.

AHRB Centre for Asian and African Literatures
The Centre\'s mission was to draw Asian, African and other non-Western literatures into the mainstream of literary and cultural studies in the UK. The website exists as an archive to the centre\'s past activities.

South Asian Dance company.

Alé Douvan
African drumming, dancing and singing for beginners and intermediates of all ages.

Albanian Youth Action
Provides education support and a number of other key services to Albanian youth. It is available even to those who are not in school.

Dance classes; Saturday school; theatre productions; Digital Arts suite.

Angolan Advice and Information Centre
Advice for the Angolan community on education.

Angolan Community in London
Advice and assistance on education for the Angolan community in London, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Anne Frank Trust
The Trust is inspired by the life and diary of Anne Frank and aims to educate and motivate young people to reject prejudice and injustice.

Apples and Snakes
England's leading organisers of performance poetry. Apples and Snakes was set up as a performance platform which would be a vital social and cross-cultural activity in performance.


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