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Aamasade Shepnekhi
Stories With Song & Rhyme allows children of all ages to participate in the storytelling process.

Black British poet/performer. Excellent for upper junior or secondary.

Dance classes; Saturday school; theatre productions; Digital Arts suite.

Alex Pascall
Caribbean oral historian and storyteller. Runs workshops, seminars and training sessions for teachers and children.

Ankur Productions
Ankur\'s aim is to create pioneering artistic work that speaks to our contemporary shared experiences, where different languages, expressions, cultures and voices collide and cross-fertilise.

Arc Theatre
We work with business, schools and colleges, the public sector and communities to ignite change through storytelling. By pushing the boundaries of understanding and empathy in a 'safe' environment, we challenge people to think.

BFI Mediatheque
BFI Southbank\'s Mediatheque is the place to explore the BFI National Archive free of charge.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Birmingham Repertory Theatre seeks to introduce new and foreign plays into the British theatre repertoire.

Blue Elephant Theatre
The Blue Elephant Theatre offers workshops to schools in the following art-forms: drama, scriptwriting, creative writing, storytelling, design, animation and textiles.

In a prime location on Millennium Square, The Carriageworks houses an exciting mix of plays, musicals, dance, film, community events and workshops.

Child of the World: a play for young people
A play about four children from Britain, Brazil, South Africa and India who leave home to join the Global March.

Dominic Kelly, The Storyteller
Professional storyteller for schools, museums, libraries, and family audiences at public and private events.

Fairgame Theatre
Theatre production company providing a specific drama piece together with discussion materials for schools.

Faustin Charles
Storyteller, author, poet, performer. Anansi and other stories from the Caribbean and beyond.

Fèisean nan Gàidheal - National Association of Gaelic Arts Youth Tuition Festivals
Fèisean have existed in Scotland since 1981, when a group of people on the Isle of Barra organised a tuition festival aimed at reversing the decline of traditional Gaelic music, song and dance arts.

Fiona Collins
A storyteller working with traditional tales from around the world, with a special interest in the stories of strong girls and women.

Iroko Theatre Company
African dance; storytelling; organises outreach work; INSET training; workshops.

Jacksons Lane
Arts and community centre that works with visual arts and crafts, poetry, creative writing, dance, African Drumming and singing.

Jamie Crawford
Storyteller and qualified primary school teacher. Tells traditional tales from around the world and dramatises them for modern audiences.

Jan Blake
Tells stories from around the world, specialising in Caribbean and African folktales.


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