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Actionwork runs anti-bullying and empowerment programmes for young people, including film-making, theatre and school workshops.

African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations: A New Curriculum Teaching Pack for 2009
A curriculum teaching pack that explore the wonders of early Africa, the tragedy of Trans-Atlantic African enslavement, the heroes and heroines of abolition and what freedom and human rights mean to us today.

An RE curriculum for global citizenship
An RE curriculum for global citizenship demonstrates the contribution of religious education (RE) towards the development of responsible global citizens.

Anti-Slavery Arch: Stroud
On the corner of the Paganhill Estate in Stroud, Gloucestershire stands an Arch, the only memorial of its type left in Britain, to the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies.

Belonging - A Cross-Curricular Learning Experience for Key Stage 3: Citizenship
A transnational initiative designed to enable young people to explore intercultural dialogue. Lesson plans include Citizenship.

Belonging - A Cross-Curricular Learning Experience for Key Stage 3: History
A transnational initiative designed to enable young people to explore intercultural dialogue. Lesson plans include History.

Birmingham Grid for Learning: Booster Sea Mission
A fun series of eleven activities to help with maths in English, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese and Somali.

Bullying Around Racism, Religion and Culture
Advice for schools and teachers from the DfES on how to prevent racist bullying and what to do if it happens.

Free Community Cohesion Network mailing and discussion list.

Coming to Coventry, Stories from the South Asian Pioneers
Coming to Coventry records the experiences of South Asian migrants who came to Coventry from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Diversity and Citizenship: Curriculum Review
An independent report on diversity education and citizenship in 2007, by Sir Keith Ajebo.

Diversity and Dialogue
Using local and global issues to build understanding between young people of different faiths and backgrounds.

Diversity in Film
Collectively, Diversity in Film aim to increase and celebrate diversity in front of and behind the camera and encourage people from all communities to enjoy and access film.

Diversity Toolkit
A series of free lesson plans to help teachers embed education for diversity in the curriculum.

Dorset's Hidden Histories: Uncovering Dorset's Multicultural Past
Book and exhibition that start to explore the presence of black people in Dorset of the last 400 years.

Edinburgh Mela
The Edinburgh Mela is not an attempt to recreate a south Asian mela. What is possible is to bring many aspects of the south Asian traditions and those of other cultures into a modern Scottish environment - and make something beautiful and natural.

Equiano Project
A project by the Equiano Society and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery celebrating the life and times of the 18th-century writer and abolitionist, Olaudah Equiano.

Exploring Archives: The George Padmore Institute
The George Padmore Institute is a unique library, archive, research and information centre housing material relating to the political and cultural history of people of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe.

Faith to Faith
Faith to Faith is a pioneering photography project involving Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh teenagers from five London faith schools.

Faiths Calendar 2010
This calendar of the major religious festivals in 2010 has been produced by the East of England Faiths Council based on information from representatives of the nine faiths currently in membership.


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