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1001 Inventions
A unique UK based educational project that reveals the rich heritage that the Muslim community share with other communities in the UK and Europe.

African-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology
An educational charity with the singular objective to advance the educational achievements and career aspirations of Black youth within the fields of Science, Mathematics and Technology.

British Museum
Offers a wide range of learning experiences for all ages in a variety of subject areas.

Cambridgeshire Education Portal
Portal to a number of teaching resources including Individual Learning Planning leaflets in Bengali, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Urdu.

Ensuring the attainment of Black pupils: Management guide
Ensuring the attainment of Black pupils is intended to support senior leaders in raising the achievement of Black pupils through self-evaluation and targeted action, closely integrated with other aspects of whole-school improvement.

Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance
The organisation works in areas including education, social care, youth issues and involvement as well as training and research.

Global and Anti-Racist Perspectives within the Primary Curriculum
This extensive resource, developed by teachers in Nottingham, is a must for any primary school. The folder shows in great detail how a global perspective can be included within every subject of the primary curriculum.

Great Hindu Pioneers of Science
Hindu Council UK web page with information on Hindu scientists.

Raising Achievement of Somali Pupils: Good Practice in London Schools
The research report finds that Somali pupils in ten London schools are bucking the national trend by demonstrating an impressive improvement in performance.

Science Across the World
Thousands of schools around the world where students are exchanging information, opinions and ideas on a variety of science topics with young people in every continent.

Science symbols for community languages
As a complement to the Say IT sheets, Becta has gathered together science materials on apparatus, hazards and safety. The sheets are available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Punjabi, Spanish, Turkish and Urdu.

Science: The Global Dimension
Aims to show how the global dimension in science can contribute to a broad and enriched curriculum.

Slavery and the Natural World
The Natural History Museum\'s research giving insights into the use of plants by enslaved people and uncovering the significance of their contribution to science.


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