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Birmingham Repertory Theatre
Birmingham Repertory Theatre seeks to introduce new and foreign plays into the British theatre repertoire.

Emotional Learning Cards
20 cards for creative exploration and emotional learning at home, school or in art therapy and counselling sessions.

Hidden Histories: Africa On-line Resourcecs
A virtual tour of over 300 objects with relevance to Africa and the Diaspora.

millipedia is a multimedia and event production partnership that designs and produces websites, CD-ROMs, books, printed materials and events for charities, educational, artistic and not-for-profit organisations.

Rede Educational
Handmade multiracial wooden puzzles and toys.

Set Fashion Free
Set Fashion Free is a voluntary youth organisation using West African textiles and fashion as a way of exploring culture, heritage and identity.

A free website that uses real-life stories and issues to encourage teenagers to explore and debate the world of morality, ethics, politics and religion.


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