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100 Black Men of London
The 100 Black Men of London is an organisation focused on the creation of positive communities in which young Black people are motivated to achieve and become self-sufficient adults.

1001 Inventions
A unique UK based educational project that reveals the rich heritage that the Muslim community share with other communities in the UK and Europe.

24 Hour Museum
The 24 Hour Museum is the UKs National Virtual Museum, updated daily with at least two new stories including arts and museum news as well as exhibition notices, reviews, features and trails.

A History of the World
BBC website that explores the history of the world through objects.

A Suitcase of History
Suppliers of artefacts to schools.

Abolition of the Slave Trade - Directgov Website
Government website giving information on the anniversary of the 1807 Aboliton of the Slave Trade Act.

Achievement for All website
This website provides information on a culturally diverse curriculum and raising the attainment of all pupils in schools.

Sells a wide variety of African gifts

Africa Through a Lens
A National Archives resource made up of thousands of images taken from a Foreign and Commonwealth Office collection.

African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations: A New Curriculum Teaching Pack for 2009
A curriculum teaching pack that explore the wonders of early Africa, the tragedy of Trans-Atlantic African enslavement, the heroes and heroines of abolition and what freedom and human rights mean to us today.

African Book Centre
African diaspora artefacts, books.

African Image Alliance
African Image Alliance is a London-based independent, non-profit organisation which seeks to enhance the general public\'s understanding of Africa\'s diverse culture, heritage and contemporary society.

African Survival and Creativity
A website celebrating the work of African artists and writers, exploring the interaction between African history and the future of the African diaspora.

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre and Education Trust
An open access library and registered charity, founded to combat racist ideas about Black people.

Aliens Registration Cards Online
'Alien' was formerly the legal term for an immigrant to Britain. You can now search the National Archives and download registration cards for over 1,000 aliens online for the first time.

An Archaeology of 'Race'
Website and teaching pack that explore the reality of multi-cultural Britain.

Ancient India
The British Museum site, exploring the people, culture, beliefs and history of the Indus Valley and ancient India using animations, 3D models and objects from The British Museum's collection.

Angela Richardson - Storytelling
A range of activities to support schools and the community to reflect, value and extend pupils' cultural, social and personal identities.

Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail
A new perspective on the heritage of one of Britain's most visible minorities.

Anti-Slavery Arch: Stroud
On the corner of the Paganhill Estate in Stroud, Gloucestershire stands an Arch, the only memorial of its type left in Britain, to the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies.


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