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African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations: A New Curriculum Teaching Pack for 2009

In August 2008, the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) made it a requirement for all school children aged 11-14 to study the nature and effects of the slave trade, resistance to it and abolition.

African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations is a curriculum teaching pack of 12 lesson plans for children at Key Stages 1&2 and 17 at Key Stages 3&4. Developed in 10 Stephen Lawrence Education Standard schools in Leeds, the 29 lesson plans explore the wonders of early Africa, the tragedy of Trans-Atlantic African enslavement, the heroes and heroines of abolition and what freedom and human rights mean to us today.

Each lesson plan includes:
- Teacher's structured lesson format
- Stand-alone lesson plan
- Vocabulary cards with space for EAL interpretations
- CD version for multimedia lessons and print copy runs
- Maps, pictures and materials to explore themes more deeply
- Fun and exciting interactive exercises.

The main themes covered in African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations include:
- Before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
- trans-Atlantic & Trans-Saharan Enslavement
- Rebellion, Resistance & Abolition
- Legacies of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
- Human Rights.

KS 1&2 Lesson Plans
1 Africa’s Naturally Rich And Diverse Past
2 Ancient Kingdom Of Ghana (Anansi Stories)
3 When We Ruled
4 Art In Africa
5 Triangular Trade And The Middle Passage
6 Life On A Plantation For An Enslaved African
7 Harriet Tubman
8 Frederick Douglass
9 Nanny of the Maroons
10 A Lesson In Legacies
11 Individuals Who Have Influenced British Society
12 A Lesson In Human Rights

KS 3&4 Lesson Plans
13 Celebrating Existing Art In Pre-Colonial Africa
14 Africa’s Royal Past: ‘Mansa Musa’
15 What Is Slavery?
16 To Explore Britain’s Involvement In The ‘Triangular Trade’
17 Conditions Of The Slave Ships (Unit 1)
18 Conditions Of The Slave Ships (Unit 2)
19 Life On The Plantation
20 Rebellion, Resistance And Abolition – Olaudah Equiano: A Case Study
21 Rebellion, Resistance And Abolition – Samuel Sharpe: A Case Study
22 Human Rights: What Type Of Citizen Am I?
23 Human Rights: Individuals Who Have Influenced British Society
24 Human Rights: Change Makers
25 Human Rights: Dr John Sentamu
26 Children’s Rights And Responsibilities
27 Human Rights And Responsibilities
28 UN Declaration Of Human Rights
29 Human Rights: Investigating Contemporary Slavery

African Achievements, Liberation & Aspirations can be used on licence by mainstream, supplementary and after schools or individuals in many children's learning situations.

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