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Who Am I? Race Awareness Game

Fun to play two-player game that teaches kids to think responsibly about race and diversity! The Who Am I? Race Awareness Game is designed to open a dialogue about human physical diversity and racial identification between children (3+) and parents or caregivers. Research shows that even though many parents wish their kids to grow up 'colorblind,' kids as young as 3 are actively learning about categories of race and ethnicity that they hear in everyday language. Therefore, it is critical that parents learn to responsibly talk about these issues and not leave children on their own to learn about race from the media or from others. The Who Am I? app not only presents an easy and fun vehicle to get parents and their children talking about race, it also offers age appropriate tips on how to discuss race with your child. This app will help revolutionize the way we teach our children about the world in which they live, making them more knowledgeable, thoughtful, and empathetic.


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