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Hillsborough: A Plantation in Dominica

Card from 'Hillsborough: A Plantation in DominicaThe story of Hillsborough, one of Dominica's most historic estates. From sugar to tourism, slavery to freedom, hurricanes and revolt, with links to the industrial revolution in England, all these themes are part of Hillsborough’s history. This publication comes in two sections in a plastic wallet: 12 beautifully illustrated cards for children, with questions and activities, and a 32-page booklet that provides detailed information about each card designed for teachers and anyone interested in Dominican or Caribbean history.

Card from 'Hillsborough: A Plantation in DominicanThe 12 illustrated cards for learners tell the story of the Hillsborough estate both chronologically and thematically. Each card provides material for work at different levels (KS2 and KS3). The activities and research sections can be approached in an open-ended way with additional challenges for more able learners. There is an overlap of information on each card so that each can stand alone as a teaching resource if required. Each card an be used for individual learners or as a collaborative learning activity for groups of learners. Activities on the cards include the use of ICT and internet research.

The booklet contains a wealth of information relating to each card and contains extensive original research on the history of Hillsborough. There is also a timeline, further reading, website references and a glossary.

Teachers can use the pack across the curriculum. It can be used to support NC History and Geography programmes of study strands. For example, in History: 'Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past' and, in Geography: 'Knowledge and understanding of people and places'.

The pack was commissioned by the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service of Wandsworth Council in South London. Every school in the borough has a copy.

(ISBN: 9780953222476)

To buy a copy at £19.50 (plus £2.00 p&p), contact Papillote Press, 23 Rozel Road, London SW4 0EY or

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Suitable for age : 7-11 Keystage 2


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