Featured Resource: Young, Muslim and Citizen

Our Featured Resource for December is Young, Muslim, Citizen - Identity, Empowerment and Change. This is a free online resource pack for parents, teachers and youth workers who interact professionally with young people of Muslim background. The website is designed to complement both mosque-based education and citizenship education programmes in mainstream schools.

Tying the Camel provides a storied introduction to the resource which consists of 18 activities. The activities are organised across the four key areas of: ‘Identity and Belonging’, ‘Stories, Incidents and Experiences’, ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, and ‘News, Views and Commentary’.

The activities are designed to really get young people learning using a range of interactive formats, old and new. Take Activity 17 for example.
Young people visit a number of British Muslim blogs and websites and say what they like and dislike about them. They then create scrapbooks with extracts and perhaps posters and wallcharts as well. Further, they write and submit comments. They may also create a blog on which they post their own reflections about current happenings.

The website is user-friendly and well organised. An introduction to each activity gives a summary of the activity, a list of the benefits to be gained by young people, information on how to prepare, plus instructions. Some of the activities also have suggestions for continuation and follow-up exercises. Free handouts to accompany the activities can be downloaded, copied and distributed. A nice feature of the site is that extensive teaching experience is not assumed and the Planning Sessions tab gives a wide range of information on different teaching and learning techniques that can be applied alongside or independently of the activities on the website.

The site is principally intended for young people from 13 to 18 years old, though some of the activities can be adapted to be used with younger and older people too. A strong feature of the site is that the activities do not have to be used in sequence, which means that they are great to dip into to create a course, module or even a one-off session.

From the glossary to lists of further reading and relevant websites the appendices in Young, Muslim and Citizen make the site a really useful reference point for learning more about the British Muslim identity and the relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Angela Nartey
Runnymede Trust

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