Website of the Month - Europocket TV

With the elections turning our thoughts to European politics, we've chosen Europocket TV as our Website of the Month.

Europocket TV was set up in August 2006. The aim was to produce short, snappy television programmes designed for young people focusing on the European Union and its institutions as well as its culture, the environment, travel and entertainment.

The station was created by a group of young people and produces its contents in English, Spanish and French. It has broadcast from nearly every EU member state.

Programmes currently consist of Europocket News, a 5-minute daily podcast; a weekly round-up on EU affairs; Europocketers, sporadic features that follow reporters on the streets of Europe; and Brussels Buzz, reports on EU law and politics personalised by Europocket's own young presenters. Topics range from the environment to human rights, from music to immigration and currently include: 'Cinema and integration', 'Multicultural couples in Europe', 'The diversity of Camden Market', 'Sharia law in the UK', 'Integrating Muslims' and 'Polish in Dublin'.

The team of reporters is made up of eight graduates (or nearly graduates) in journalism, PR or European politics from Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland and Spain. The station also offers young people the opportunity to make their own films and to send them in for possible broadcast or even to become a Europocket correspondent from their own city.

You can watch Europocket TV on the web, through podcast or 3G. Of course, you can also watch in the classroom and in other languages since, as well, as English, Europocket TV broadcasts in French and Spanish.

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