Featured Resource: 'More Than One Way'

March's chosen resource features a familiar face to many young people: the rap star Kano. In collaboration with the Department for Children, Schools and Families, Kano has produced a new track and music video called 'More Than One Way'. A website and television advertisement showcasing the video aim to inspire students aged 14 to 19 to consider the Diploma qualification.

Real-life Diploma students are front and centre in the Kano campaign: current students had a chance to help in the making of 'More Than One Way.' These young people got a fantastic opportunity to put their learning to practical use.

Scroll over the images on the home page to learn which Diploma course each student is undertaking and how they participated in the making of the video. Several students on the Hair and Beauty course met with Kano's makeup artist for advice. Business, Administration and Finance students talked over technical logistics with a producer. Creative and Media students met with the advertising team, and then learned about the different stages of shooting from the music video’s director. Environment and Land-based Studies students even assessed the carbon footprint made by the crew. Viewers can simply click on the subjects that interest them to link to further information.

The DCSF created the Kano campaign to raise young people's awareness of the Diploma option, which is characterised by a mix of classroom and practical learning. Their goal is to establish the Diploma as a widely recognised set of qualifications. Jenny Brown from the DCSF says they chose to put the Kano campaign on television because, 'in research, TV advertising was identified as a way to increase awareness in young people choosing options in 2010.' The DCSF also hopes the television advert will inspire conversations between parents and children about the Diploma.

Colourful, sleek and stylish, this website is not only informative but also full of eye-catching and entertaining details. In the 'Behind the Scenes' section, video clips offer an insider’s glimpse into the making of a music video. Check out the 'Gallery' for visuals of the process. The site also links to the DCSF's main Diploma website, which offers a wealth of information about the Diploma, the different course options, and what sorts of jobs each qualification will prepare you for.

By involving current Diploma students in the advertising, the Kano campaign conveys the key element that sets the Diploma apart from other qualifications: hands-on learning. 'The overall idea of "More Than One Way" was seen as an effective way to position the Diploma and show it in action,' says Jenny Brown.

As an added bonus, 'More Than One Way' is available for free download on the website—so teenagers can put Kano's positive message straight onto their mp3 players.

Kate McGovern
Runnymede Trust

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